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JN-880-1 Cloth Reversing Machine
JF-880-2 Cloth Reversing Machine


1. Equipped with four-step exhausting fan, high working efficiency and lower consumption can be achieved.

2. It is suitable for reversing shirts, sweater, casual wear etc.

3. The angle of the suction tube can be adjusted, suitable for different size of clothes.

※ Can equip with electronic operating system, electric eye sensor operation switch And counter which is convenience to calculate the output (need to order separately)

Technical Parameter:

Input Voltage: 3phase 380V±5%, 50Hz

Motor Power: 3Kw

Compressed Air Pressure: 0.3-0.7Mpa

Negative Suction Pressure: 1000mm(column)

Machine Noise: <85Db

Machine Size: 200*75*180(cm)

Net Weight: 390Kg

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